UK Coding Bootcamps

You no longer need to attend college to learn how to code. With coding bootcamps, you can learn hands-on and then use that knowledge in your application development.

In London, you can find over 200 technology startups as well as several coding bootcamps.

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“Bootcamps in a nutshell?”

·        In a virtual environment, students will work together and build ideas together.

·        You’ll have a greater sense of community and support in an in-person coding bootcamp than you would in an online alternative.

·        A career-friendly option, with many available jobs. With a software developer bootcamp, you can get a stellar career in just weeks.

·        Upper-division coursework can last up to 20 hours a week, intense, but are necessary.

1. Le Wagon’s best coding bootcamp courses in London

Le Wagon is one of the most popular coding bootcamps in the United Kingdom.

The company offers a Ruby on Rails-based curriculum. It was founded in 2011 with the goal of contributing to the art and science of software development by educating people.

Le Wagon provides a supportive community where you can ask questions and get help from other students, mentors, and industry experts. The school has rigorous interviewing processes and a comprehensive admissions process. They charge an annual fee of £5,595 (US$7,156) for the whole program and a monthly payment of £795 (US$1,130).

The London and Paris based coding bootcamp has more than 50 developers, product managers, and curriculum designers who have gone on to work for companies like Google, Facebook, and Shopify. The school also offers a remote program for students who live outside the UK or France.

2. Top coding bootcamps in London UK – General Assembly

General Assembly: A three-month computer programming bootcamp in London. It was among the first coding bootcamps in the UK and was founded by a team of entrepreneurs. Their goal is to build successful companies that could make an impact on the world, starting with education.

General Assembly, an offline training program, gives their students personalised learning plans. This high quality course is based on the JavaScript curriculum and each student receives individual attention from teachers. Similar to Le Wagon, General Assembly hosts brick-and-mortar bootcamp sessions for students.

General Assembly has campuses in New York City, San Francisco, and London. They have plans to expand across Europe and the US.

The General Assembly web development program will teach students how to develop websites and prepare them for the professional environment. Students are provided help through the placement assistance program and generous tuition reimbursement policy.

3. Best coding bootcamps in London, UK –  Ironhack

Ironhack is a five-month computer programming bootcamp in London.

Ironhack is an education company with a course on the Ruby programming language. It’s open to both fulltime and part-time students with a flexible schedule so you can fit into your busy schedule. The curriculum adapts to different learning needs as well.

The Ironhack school requires no prior knowledge of coding, and guarantees that all students will complete the course. Students are provided all the tools they need for the course such as a laptop, coding environment, and grading assistance.

Ironhack provides a free trial so you can determine if it is the perfect school for you. Even if you work full-time and want to learn about web development, programming, entrepreneurship, or developing your business, you may apply.

4. Uk Top Coding Bootcamps in London – Makers

Makers Academy is a 12-month computer programming bootcamp in London.

Makers Academy provides mentorships and classes for acquiring necessary coding and design skills. There are a variety of programs that teach students about the progression of web and mobile apps, for those who want to become web developers. An individualized mentorship is provided to each student during their course.

If building apps is your goal, Makers Academy’s hands-on programs explore the technical and creative side of web development. Programs are based in various London locations, as well as Birmingham and Brighton. Classes are designed to be collaborative spaces where students can learn from one another.

For those who are interested in a self-led learning experience with easy access to snacks and beers, Makers Academy has an answer. Recently, Makers Academy have added a pet friendly option to their spaces enabling people with animals to enjoy the perks of these campuses.

5. Top Coding Bootcamps in London UK – HyperionDev

A computer programming boot camp in London that was founded in 2016. It has extensive experience in software development and is located on Brick Lane.

HyperionDev is a school that teaches Python, and has intensive bootcamp-style courses. The majority of the course takes place in-person, with students meeting for the entire duration of the program. HyperionDev is not a massive online school, and it does not have classes and instructors that take place mostly online.