Five financial tools recommended for businesses in 2022

The word finance makes us scrunch our forehead because we all hate doing it.

We know that handling money management is a lot of work, but it is still important because it is one of the few aspects of business that we cannot just ignore. You no longer have to worry about a sluggish business. We have tools that can help you manage your finances and increase your profits.You can now manage your money like a pro and download financial tools on your computers and phones.

What is a financial tool?

To ensure our company is compliant, we need to stay on top of a variety of tasks from calculating costs and profits to planning budgets.

It’s easy to get into debt, but this financial tool can help you fight back

FInancial Tools help your company manage their assets, income, and expenses with the ultimate goal of maximizing profit.

It helps your company by performing different functions. One is reducing errors, one is ensuring compliance with tax and accounting regulations, and another one is balancing multiple bank accounts.

Essentially, a financial tool is in charge of your company’s financial health. It makes sure that your company does not fall sick and is well taken care of.

What can a tool do to facilitate the managing of finance

Financial instruments are the domain of technology, and technology rarely fails. In the case of human beings, they make mistakes.

It’s a necessity for your business. Financial tools can help you make money management accurate, easy, and hassle-free.

Using financial tools allows you to gain real-time insight into all of your critical financial facts.

It can eliminate any delay when handling customer demands. It makes the yearly tax return process more precise and easier

After learning that financial tools are necessary for business, we suggest you take a look at these top financial tools.

1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks provides a simple way to manage your money by making it possible to track expenses, monitor the financial data of your business, customize reports, and pay wages.

QuickBooks is great because it makes creating financial statements and editing customer data an easy task while also having the ability to create, edit and access relevant information on the go.

QuickBooks is fantastic for tax purposes since it streamlines your financials throughout tax season. It also syncs with your bank account and corporate credit cards, ensuring that you always have up-to-date financial information. What else? It creates interesting charts and graphs for your company.

It is 100% web-based and is accessible as a mobile app for both Windows and Mac.

Important Characteristics:

Develops financial statements

Simplifies financials during tax time

Syncs with bank accounts


Starts at $10/month

2. Mint

Mint, a secure web-based financial application for managing your company’s money in one location, is next on the list. It is well-known for being an excellent budget planner that assists in the creation of budgets, the setting of objectives and reminders, and the synchronization of your internet data with the app.

Mint updates your banking and credit card transactions automatically, giving you a snapshot of your budget obligations, credit score, and total expenditure. When you download them, it categorizes and labels them so you can keep track of your daily spending. Mint also includes a portfolio and investment tracker, which allows you to keep track of all your accounts.

Mint is safeguarded by firewalls, encryptions, and authentication methods, ensuring the safety of your personal financial information.

Important Characteristics:

Is a budget planner

Helps track financial expenses

Highly secure


Absolutely free of cost


Bit is a smart document collaboration program that offers excellent solutions for centralizing all of your financial procedures and records. It provides a basic and distraction-free editor for preparing financial documents, as well as 6 various styles for constructing smart tables inside them.

Bit integrates with over 100 web services, like as Google Sheets, Microsoft OneDrive, Lucid Chart, and others, to let you create multimedia-rich and interactive financial plans. It also has a content library where you can store and manage all of your important financial documents, files, spreadsheets, and other assets.

Another fantastic feature of Bit is the ability to establish individual workspaces and folders for properly organizing various financial papers. It also allows you to interact and work with your finance department in real time, as well as use its client portal to invite your clients to access their financial information. What else? Bit includes a clever search tool that lets you easily look across all of your key financial documents.

Important Characteristics:

Allows you to create infinite workspaces

Supports real-time collaboration

Integrates with 100+ web applications


Free with limited functionality.

4. Xero

Xero is a cloud-based accounting tool that allows you to see your cash flow in real time, generate professional recurring invoices, and import and classify your most recent banking and credit card transactions. It comes with over 700 features to assist you handle your financial transactions, payroll, and inventory.

You can get a clear financial picture of your business using Xero’s smart dashboard display, which not only helps you manage your payments but also avoids bookkeeping errors, making it a cool financial tool. Xero also includes bank account synchronization to keep your data up to date. What else? Xero’s technology enables an infinite number of users and features a clear user interface.

Important Characteristics:

Is a cloud-based platform

Offers an intuitive dashboard display

Supports unlimited users


Basic plan starts at $9/month

5. GnuCash

Gnu Cash is a useful financial tool for small company accountancy. It lets you keep track of your bank accounts, assets, income, and spending. GnuCash provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to handle payrolls and reconcile statements efficiently.

GnuCash is distinct in that it functions nearly like a checkbook register and is based on double-entry accounting principles, ensuring that the books are balanced and the reports are accurate. It also includes tools for managing customers and vendors, as well as invoicing and bill payment.

Important Characteristics:

Based on double-entry bookkeeping

Provides accurate reports

User-friendly interface


It is totally free to use